Concrete Humans: Vol. 2


To celebrate the end of exam period at McGill, we bring you the second instalment of Concrete Humans. Our featured member this week is Ziyi Gu.

Teams: Construction & Mixing
Year: U1
Nickname: Type GU Cement

Why did you join Concrete Canoe?

“At McGill there is a limited selection of design teams with application to civil engineering. I joined the McGill Racing Team last year but found it had limited relation to my program, so I decided to join Concrete Canoe. Another reason is that I am currently enrolled in the construction materials course which mainly includes theory. However, in Concrete Canoe we get to apply this theory through design and moulding of concrete.”

What do you like most about the team?

“Design is interesting. I do research on new materials and study different aggregates and admixtures that I don’t get to learn about in class. By doing my own research I learn how each admixture works and how it affects the properties of the concrete.

What are you currently working on for the team?

“Right now I’m sanding and painting the canoe to get it ready for competition next month!”

What have you taken away from Concrete Canoe?

“Well I have learned a lot from my time at Concrete Canoe. Firstly, time management. For example, I need to dedicate at least 2 hours a week for mixing, on top of putting time into my own research. Also I have learned practical skills, such as how to properly mix concrete. Its fun getting your hands dirty once in awhile.”

What would you say to someone whose interested in joining Concrete Canoe in the future?

“I definitely enjoyed my time in Concrete Canoe and at the same time it has been very rewarding. You get to learn a lot about concrete and teamwork, which are especially valuable if you want to get into concrete design or project management. Also, as I said earlier, it has improved my organizational and time management skills.”

An interesting fact about yourself?

“I like to sing, but I’m not very good.”