Concrete Humans: Vol. 1


Concrete Canoe is excited to announce a new “Concrete Humans” feature series, where we will highlight the amazing people behind Concrete Canoe!

Our first guest is Amina. She is a U3 Materials Engineering exchange student from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland), and is a member of both the mixing and paddling sub-teams of Concrete Canoe.

-“Why did you join Concrete Canoe?”
“I couldn’t find a class on concrete that fit my exchange program requirements, so I decided to join the mixing sub-team to learn more about concrete. We don’t really have design teams like Concrete Canoe in Switzerland and this was something new and interesting to me”

-“What do you like most about the team?”
“I am really enjoying the spirit of the team, almost all my friends here are from Concrete Canoe. We spend time together and have fun even when we are not working on something!”

-“What have you learned or taken away from the experience in the team?”
“I definitely learned a lot about concrete and its properties, but more importantly I learned is to push my limits: Through the workouts for paddling where everybody is encouraging and you cant stop even if it’s hard, from the casting day when we worked for 7 hours without any break, and also when you have a super busy week of school but you have to keep going mixing and testing samples. The team has also taught me that I’m energetic and a hard worker, especially when it comes to working with other people”

– “An interesting fact about yourself?”
“I do Judo in my spare time, so I have strong arms which are perfect for paddling!”