Posterra 2016

Enigma 2015

Anakalypse 2014

Kraken 2013

2016 Posterra


Inspired by Mad Max, the recent post-apocalyptic film in which the Earth has been plunged into chaos by the exhaustion of oil, the McGill Concrete Canoe Team set out with a new take on recycling. Posterra, a union of the words ‘post’ and ‘terra’ – meaning ‘after earth’ – represents engineering in a world where there are few resources to engineer with.

Technical Specifications

Placement: 7th/14 participating teams

Weight: 92 kg

Length: 5.78 m

Width: 0.67m

Depth: 0.448m

Thickness: 20mm

Concrete Compressive Strength: 8.8MPa

2015 Enigma

Enigma, meaning something mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand, represented the 2014-15 theme of Technological Innovation. In attempting to reach the goal of evolutionary and innovative design, the team was focused on two fundamental pillars: transmitting the previous knowledge gained in the last two years and increasing the emphasis on research. At the 2015 Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition, Enigma received the Participant’s Choice award.


Technical Specifications
Placement: 5th/12 participating teams
Weight: 106 kg
Length: 5680 mm
Width: 813 mm
Depth: 381 mm
Thickness: 19 mm
Concrete strength in compression: 12.29 MPa (side mix), 12.58 MPa (top mix), 10.00 MPa (tip mix)

2014 Anakalypse

Anakalypse, or Ana for short, was given a name meaning discovery in Greek. The theme of this year’s entry was Around the World in 28 days (the curing time for concrete). This year, McGill aimed to inspire others with their theme of human discovery and travels.

Technical Specifications
Placement: 4th/11 participating teams
Weight: 93 kg
Length: 5640 mm
Width: 730 mm
Depth: 360 mm
Thickness: 19 mm
Concrete strength in compression: 16.9 MPa

2013 Kraken

The Kraken was McGill’s first entry into the CNCCC in ten years. In naming their canoe after a mythical squid-like creature from the writings of Jules Verne, the McGill team also hoped to emerge from the shadows as the new participants in the CNCCC.

Technical Specifications
Placement: 7th/11 participating teams
Weight: 104 kg
Length: 6170 mm
Width: 813 mm
Depth: 356 mm
Thickness: 12.7 mm
Concrete strength in compression: 17.8 MPa